I was kicked out of Parliament today

I disrupted Trudeau in Parliament calling on him to show us the science. r1

Dear friends,

Today, my friend Daniel and I interrupted Prime Minister Trudeau during question period in the House of Commons by unfurling a banner calling on him to “show us the science” on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

I called out to the PM saying “You say that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is safe for the climate and BC coast, and respects Indigenous Rights. Where’s the proof? Show us the science.” If you have the same question as me, sign our petition to make sure you’re heard as well.

Both of us were promptly escorted out and put under arrest. We might have caused a mild disruption today for our country’s top decision makers but that’s nothing compared to the kind of upheaval that... Kinder Morgan would cause for communities along the BC coast by bringing a 700% increase in tanker traffic.

Imagine the scale of climate destruction if we expand the tar sands despite clear warnings from scientists that this will push the globe towards catastrophic warming. And for Indigenous peoples in BC and Alberta, this pipeline poses huge dangers to territories that their communities have depended on for generations. Yet instead of restricting Kinder Morgan’s access to BC, the Trudeau government seems determined to do the opposite by vowing to build the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The fact of the matter is that the massive Kinder Morgan pipeline is the real disruption. And if Prime Minister Trudeau thinks otherwise, he’d better be able to prove it. Join me in calling on Trudeau to #ShowUsTheScience.

Already, thousands of people have sent in messages to the Prime Minister asking him for evidence that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is spill proof, climate safe and Indigenous rights compatible. We still haven’t heard back. The PM certainly didn’t have any answers for us today.

We’ve given Trudeau and his cabinet until March 5th to show us the science. After that, my friends and I have a plan to take matters into our own hands.



PS - We weren’t able to bring our phones into the public gallery but after we were processed by parliamentary security, we made this video. Check it out and share with your friends!

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