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Dear PAOV,

Earlier this week, the newly merged corporate giant DowDuPont announced a new name for their seed and pesticide division: Corteva Agriscience.

Clearly, the public relations team thought a rebrand would put recent controversies at arm’s length. Help us prove them wrong. Can you make a donation to support PAN’s work today?

Both Dow and DuPont have plenty they’d like to sweep under the rug.

As a member of the PAN community, you already know about Dow’s aggressive push to keep their brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos on the market.

After donating a million dollars to the new administration’s inauguration party, Dow officials met secretly with Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, and within weeks the planned withdrawal of chlorpyrifos was reversed.

Your gift will help us shine light on these underhanded efforts to prioritize corporate bottom lines over public health and safety.

The DowDuPont press release explains that “Corteva” combines the concepts of “heart” and “nature.” So just how is it that Dow’s genetically engineered seeds — designed for use with their dangerous, antiquated herbicide 2,4-D — fit with this new brand?

We’re going to keep asking the tough questions, no matter how many times these corporations rebrand — and we couldn’t do it without supporters like you.

Thank you so much for being part of the PAN community!


Kristin Schafer

Kristin Schafer
Executive Director, PAN


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