The world's oceans are full of plastic and 4 billion plastic-lined Starbucks cups end up in the garbage every year.

Starbucks is part of the problem: tell the coffee giant to switch to 100% recyclable cups!

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By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, and still almost none of Starbucks’ plastic-lined cups get recycled.

Waste plastics leach hazardous toxins into our waterways. And the plastic from coffee cups breaks down into tiny pieces that animals and fish eat -- thinking they’re getting a proper meal, when actually they’re getting a plastic meal!

Sign the... petition: Starbucks make the switch to 100% recyclable cups!

If the cups were lined with a recyclable material and not plastic, we could put coffee cups straight into the paper recycling bin instead of the trash. But, now, the plastic lining gums up recycling machinery, making these paper cups almost impossible to recycle.

In 2008, Starbucks told the world it would serve a 100% recyclable cup by 2015. But 10 years later, there’s still almost no progress.

Starbucks made over $12 billion in profit last year -- so we know it can afford to invest in developing a better cup.

Global pollution levels are at crisis point and plastic-coated paper products like Starbucks’ iconic coffee cups are a huge part of the problem. Scientists say that as many as 9 in 10 seabirds have plastic in their gut -- so please sign the petition now;

Tell Starbucks: stop lining your cups with plastic make the switch to 100% recyclable cups!

Together, we’re already making huge strides in getting the food and drinks industry to tackle the problem of plastic waste. Last year over 65,000 SumOfUs members like you signed a petition to challenge Coca-Cola’s lobbying against plastic bottle deposits -- and won.

And just this month, giants like McDonalds and Costa Coffee have made pledges to cut down on their plastic waste.

The momentum to tackle the plastic crisis is on our side. Let’s make it count.

If Starbucks -- the world’s biggest coffee chain -- switches to a 100% recyclable cup, the rest of the industry is very likely to follow. Together, we could make a huge difference to landfill waste and ocean pollution around the globe.

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More information:

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