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Dear Friend and Supporter of CoDev,

Maria Luisa Regalado has dedicated her life to defending human rights and achieving systemic change in Honduras. Her work as a grassroots organizer led her to co-found CODEMUH in 1989. Her focus? Defending the rights of the mostly female workforce in the sweatshop industry with a spotlight on occupational health and safety…this in a country where it takes an extra measure of courage and dedication to prevail in a patriarchal society.

Honduras is the third largest exporter of clothes and textiles to the US, employing approximately 110K workers, 53% of whom are young women from underprivileged backgrounds.

Through her work at CODEMUH she has advanced her feminist vision by organizing, training and educating women on their rights, with a special emphasis on gender violence and labour rights violations. She is also a coordinator of the Central American Women’s Network in Solidarity with Maquila Workers (the Network)where she has organized numerous massive campaigns both within Honduras and across Central America, shedding light on the labour rights violations suffered by workers in the maquila sector.

Many clothing factories are found in Honduras' 24 Export Processing Zones, industrial areas with low or non-existent taxes and a cheap labour force designed to attract foreign investment. The determination of multinational corporations to cut production costs and maximise profits and the lack of enforcement of labour laws by the Honduran government have led to the widespread exploitation of workers.

CODEMUH, is a feminist, women-led grassroots organization that aims to equip women, through skills training, to become labour rights promoters reaching out to workers on factory floors and in their local communities. It provides legal and medical advice to workers suffering from occupational disease and empowers them to speak out and challenge the labour rights abuses by factory owners and government complicity. It is the only organisation in Honduras to tackle occupational health in the textile industry and focuses its efforts on overhauling health and safety labour legislation which has remained unchanged since 1959 when the manufacturing industry was first developed.

The power of this project has prompted significant support from one of Canada’s strongest unions, and partner BCGEU. Would you consider joining them and lending your support to this important work?

Your gift will help to coordinate on-the-ground campaigns, and organize research efforts. Your gift will help cover the cost of strategic litigation for human rights cases. Your gift will help let the world know about the reality faced by many Hondurans, and their vision for change. Your gift will have an impact. At CoDev, we are privileged to work with organizations like CODEMUH and people like Maria Luisa Regalado dedicated to making their communities and the world a better, more just world. We have this opportunity because of our supporters…people like you who understand and believe in the importance of working with CODEMUH. We hope you will keep this in mind as you consider your annual gift.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to building partnerships for global justice, we value you as part of this journey.Your annual gift makes a difference.

You have been part of CoDev over the years. You know CoDev is uniquely positioned to build solidarity and strong partnerships. These partnerships contribute to meaningful change on the ground and sustainable momentum for social justice, like we see with Maria Luisa and the dedicated women of CODEMUH…like we see with each and every one of the impressive organizations with which we work.

We’re inspired by Maria Luisa and people like her all over Latin America. We’re inspired by your commitment to helping them overcome the struggles she and her colleagues face every day. This is solidarity.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Pandini
Director, Fundraising and Communications

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