Tackling Climate Change = Less Oil Consumption = No New Pipelines -- Recent Article from Rolly Montpellier, Below 2C

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The Kinder Morgan issue is heating up, and we need as many facts and scientific truths as possible. After all, the Prime Minister says he believes in science and openness, but he also believes that one can keep extracting fossil fuels and emitting GHGs, while at the same time addressing climate change rapidly by reducing GHGs. Also he has said that “even though governments grant permits, ultimately only communities grant permission.” Here is Rolly Montpellier’s recent synthesis of views by several experts on the Kinder Morgan pipeline. I have copied the article assembled by Montpellier, in which he summarizes opinions by Patrick Derochie, Program Manager for Climate and Energy, Environmental Defence; Jeff Rubin, former Chief Economist and Chief Strategist at CIBC World Markets, world-leading energy expert, and best-selling Canadian author; and Mark Jaccard, SFU Professor and expert in energy-climate energy modelling. I also include some opinions... by Robyn Allan, well known BC economist, and Mike de Souza, National Observer journalist. Please feel free to circulate widely. John

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