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WOW -- because of the overwhelming public response, the CRTC has extended the comment period for Bell's dangerous censorship plan! We now have until April 1st to let the CRTC know that we don't want a handful of corporations controlling what websites Canadians can visit.

Will you help us flood the CRTC with comments and put an stop Bell's plan to end net neutrality in Canada?

Bell’s finally put forward its plan to end net neutrality in Canada.

Tell the CRTC to reject this dangerous plan and protect free and open internet.

Send a message to the... CRTC

Here's a copy of the original email we sent out:


It finally happened -- the coalition of Bell and other major Canadian telecommunications companies, called FairPlay Canada, just submitted its proposal to the CRTC to censor the internet and force the end of net neutrality in Canada.

This dangerous plan would create an internet “blacklist” that would have zero oversight in the courts. This would put unprecedented control of what websites Canadians can use in the hands of unaccountable corporations.

But we can stop this from happening if we act now. The CRTC's public comment period closes in just a few days -- and they need to hear from you now to stop this dangerous proposal and protect free and open internet.

Will you please join me in sending a message to the CRTC to protect net neutrality in Canada?

Bell’s coalition proposed the creation of an "Internet Piracy Review Agency" (IPRA) that would maintain a blacklist of websites which all internet providers in Canada would be legally required to block with no court oversight. If this proposal goes through, it’s one step closer to the end of net neutrality in Canada, and a dangerous slippery slope at that.

Right now, members of Bell's coalition are trying to dismiss us, calling us a “small, vocal group” with “spurious arguments”. This is why we need to email the CRTC now and let them know that there are tens of thousands of us who have real concerns and won’t be silenced.

Already over 94,000 caring members like you have signed the petition calling on Bell to drop this dangerous proposal. And we're fighting for net neutrality this with everything we have -- thanks to you, we're finalizing radio, billboard and public ads that Bell and the CRTC won't be able to ignore. We know that a huge response now could overwhelm the CRTC and force it into rejecting this plan and protecting a free and open internet in Canada.

Can you please take a moment to send a message to the CRTC to protect net neutrality in Canada?

Send a message to the CRTC

Thanks for all that you do,
Emma, Amelia, Angus, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Anti-piracy group urges CRTC to create website-blocking system, The Globe and Mail, 29 January 2018
Bell Leads on Radical Proposal for CRTC-Backed Mandatory Website Blocking System, Michael Geist (blog) 4 December 2017

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