The fatal flaw of Alberta's oil export expansion, attached article

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Just in case you need more justification why we should stop the Trans Mountain-Kinder Morgan Pipeline, here is an excellent article in Energy Mix by Paul McKay telling why the Trudeau/Notley tag team is perpetuating a big snow job: Two weeks ago, the first supertanker capable of holding two million barrels of oil departed for the first time from America’s newly upgraded—and only—terminal able to dock and load crude carrying behemoths of this size. That will likely prove fatal to Alberta’s plans to expand unrefined bitumen exports either by the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline to the British Columbia coast, or the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. BC should hold the line, this pipeline will only cause more damage to our land, water and air, and it will only benefit Kinder Morgan, and not that much. The PM should do his lessons before making deals such as the Notley/Kinder Morgan fiasco. The Energy Mix is a worthwhile news outlet which is well worthwhile to subscribe to; some of the latest articles are: 1) Fossil fuel subsidies 373 bn in 2015: OECD reports; 2) BC First Nations declare against “Hyper-masculine” pipeline man camps; 3) U.S. renewables boomed in 2017 despite federal, state-level uncertainty; and 4) Dollars drive Husky’s ‘reckless decision’ to risk dangerous offshore iceberg hit. Keep up the struggle to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline! John

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