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PAOV — Every minute, a staggering one million plastic bottles are bought globally — a figure that is only increasing. You can ask consumer industry leader Kraft Heinz to invest in sustainable packing by signing the petition today.

Petitioning Kraft Heinz Kraft Heinz: It's time for sustainable packaging

Petition by Wynn Anne Sibbald
Ottawa, Canada


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I am fed up with the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in my recycle bin each week. It is wasteful and problematic for our planet.

I am asking Kraft Heinz Company to extend their environmental Corporate Social Responsibility goal to include enabling their end consumers to reduce household waste. This can be done through alternative packaging (including quick-degrading plastics, paper-based packaging, glass, and metal) and reuse programs.

"One of the most ubiquitous and long-lasting recent changes to the surface of our planet is the accumulation and fragmentation of plastics," wrote David Barnes, a lead author and researcher for the British Antarctic Survey. Plastic is extremely slow to break down, and plastic breakdown isn't always a good thing, as it release chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the planet.

For this petition, I am addressing a leading manufacturer and distributor of sauces, dressings, and condiments, so that they will use their leadership role to make a change in this market. Kraft Heinz produces and distributes everything from baby food to jams and ketchup. These convenience products are staples in most North American homes, and they account for an enormous amount of plastic waste.

In its Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR), Kraft Heinz declares, "Every stage of our operations presents an opportunity to eliminate waste. We have been focused on finding ways to reduce, reuse or recycle to divert solid waste from landfills."

As they declare in their CSR, Kraft Heinz is a "global food powerhouse." If they change, the entire market can shift.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to show Kraft Heinz it's time for sustainable packaging.

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