Nobel Prize for Exxon

Why does the Nobel Foundation, which awarded the Peace Prize for climate leadership to Al Gore, still invest in planet-destroying fossil fuels?

Ask the Nobel Foundation to divest from all fossil fuels, putting its money where its mouth is on climate change.

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More than 837 institutions with total assets of more than $6 trillion, have committed to stop investing in fossil fuels companies, taking a clear stance against the main drivers of climate change. But the Nobel Foundation is not one of them -- yet.

Last year the foundation which awards the Nobel Prizes, was forced by campaigners to divest entirely from nuclear... weapons-related companies. Public pressure works!

Let’s add our voices today to the climate activists in Sweden, and Nobel laureates around the world, calling on the institution they love to divest from fossil fuels:

Ask the Nobel Foundation to divest from all fossil fuels.

It will take more than withdrawing Nobel’s money to topple oil and gas giants like Exxon, BP and Shell. But a public commitment to divest from all fossil fuels, from one of the world’s most famous foundations, would be worth its weight in gold as a signal to wealthy institutions everywhere.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Al Gore and the world’s top climate scientists in 2007. It’s high time that the Nobel Foundation took the next step, and put its money where its mouth is. Responsible investors should no longer be profiting from the destructive activities of corporations like Exxon, BP and Shell. And especially not the Nobel Foundation, which aims to highlight work done for the benefit of mankind.

Fossil Free Sweden began their Nobel Divestment campaign in 2016, after they successfully persuaded the cities of Malmö and Stockholm to divest from fossil fuels. Since then more than 20 Nobel laureates and scientists from around the world have joined the campaign.

The campaign demands that the Nobel Foundation:

  • Immediately adopt a new investment policy -- where financial investments that the Nobel Foundation manages are not allowed to be invested in companies that gain more than 5% of their revenue from coal, oil and gas
  • Adopt a plan for how to divest all assets within those companies within a 5-year period
  • Report the transition process in an open and transparent fashion
  • Publicly declare the foundation will divest, i.e. clearly show the intention to completely cease with financial investments in the fossil fuel industry
  • Call for other institutions to follow suit

Sign the petition to tell the Nobel Foundation to stop profiting from corporations fueling climate change.

SumOfUs members have weighed in many times to help climate activists and frontline defenders, facing near impossible odds against giant oil pipelines, coal mines, and other fossil fuels projects. We're also pressuring clothing brands to make their supply chains go green, and help spur a planet-saving energy revolution. Let’s raise our voices again to make the Nobel Foundation wake up and finally divest from fossil fuels.

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More information:

Open Letter to Nobel Foundation Nobel laureates and scientists. 7 December 2016. Divestment Commitments 2018. Six Questions and Answers on the Investments of the Nobel Foundation Nobel Foundation. 2017.

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