History has been made by the Kinder Morgan resistance.

We will remember March 2018 as a month when history was made. r1


Years from now, people are going to look back at March 2018 as a moment when history was made.

For anyone with a social media account or with eyes on any national media outlet, in the last few weeks, you’ve seen a wave of enormous, inspiring, and historic resistance to the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline. For all that you have done to support this fight on the land, on the streets, at your MP office, online, and in spirit, I thank you.

It all started on March 10th when 10,000 people marched in solidarity with Coast Salish spiritual leaders who simultaneously built a watch house -- a structure used by their people for generations to watch over enemies -- on the path of the Kinder... Morgan pipeline on Burnaby Mountain. The Watch House is standing tall in resistance to Kinder Morgan and, if you are able, I know that Coast Salish land and water protectors would really appreciate your donation to support the structure and the community building around it -- click here to donate.

On March 10th Indigenous spiritual leaders then called on all of us to “warrior up” in the fight against Kinder Morgan.

People were eager to heed this call. From March 17th to 24th, 172 people were arrested at the gates of the Kinder Morgan facility on Burnaby Mountain. These courageous action takers included Indigenous activists, youth, retirees, and many others. There were some high profile participants as well: Indigenous actress and activist, Carmen Moore; the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May; and NDP MP, Kennedy Stewart. May and Stewart became the first ever sitting MPs to get arrested in solidarity with an Indigenous-led fight for climate justice. Learn more about this historical stand by clicking here.

In the midst of all this, on March 23rd, people like yourself in over 50 communities all across Canada flooded the offices of Liberal MPs and Cabinet Ministers to deliver water samples from the coast of British Columbia. Thousands participated all across the country to call on their MPs to stand up to defend the water from Kinder Morgan. They truly proved that resistance to Kinder Morgan stretches from coast to coast and that this project most certainly is not in our national interest. Watch and share the video from these water deliveries.

Then, just this Tuesday, community members in Ottawa staged an occupation at the office of federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna. They held space until the Minister agreed to pay a visit to the Coast Salish Watch House on Burnaby Mountain -- date is to be confirmed. The Ottawa-based residents pledged to visit the office again to hold the Minister to her word.

There is so much happening and as it does, we're hoping that all of us can stand in solidarity with the leaders on the frontlines. The Watch House and the Coast Salish spiritual leaders who are supporting it would really appreciate your donations so they can access important resources for their resistance.

Resistance to Kinder Morgan is here to stay. Bold actions will continue on Burnaby Mountain until we stop Kinder Morgan from trampling over Indigenous rights, devastating the coast, and wrecking our climate by building its TransMountain pipeline and tanker project.

Thank you for all that you have done to help our movement make history.

In solidarity,

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