Stepping Up for Environmental Activists

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Exactly two years after Honduras’s Berta Caceres was murdered in her home, 24 Latin American and Caribbean countries have formed a legally binding agreement to protect environmental activists. Officially known as The Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin American and the Caribbean, the measure is intended to help give a voice—and, if necessary, a recourse—to the people whose lives are most immediately affected by development projects. It’s a first for a region where violent attacks on environmental activist are all too common, and it’s a welcome step towards defending a core value of open society: the right to assemble and protest.


Latin America & the Caribbean

Building a Better Brazil

Douglas Belchior
Brazil today is home to some of the most violent policing in the world. There is a growing movement, however, to dismantle prejudice and create a future where all Brazilians are truly respected and able to flourish.

Disability Rights

A Roll of the Dice for an Accessible Pakistan

A group of women posing for a photo
It’s not easy to be a person with disabilities in Pakistan, but one woman is hoping to raise the public’s awareness—in a way that’s actually fun.


Kazakhstan’s Neglected Children

Aigul Shakibayeva kneeling next to her son
In order to ensure that every child in Kazakhstan has a chance to flourish, the country’s government must move beyond superficial reforms and implement new policies to support children with disabilities.


The Agricultural Industrial Complex’s Threat to the Amazon

Aerial view of a tractor pushing grains
In this week’s Open Society Instagram takeover, Uwe H. Martin documents how largescale agriculture affects indigenous land rights and the environment in Brazil.

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