A surprise for Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has some nerve. He is planning a $1000-a-plate fundraiser at a luxury hotel in Vancouver, just a stone’s throw from the pipeline construction site where over a hundred Indigenous leaders and local residents have been arrested for taking action to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline. [1]

Trudeau is expecting to wine and dine his donors, snap a few selfies, and head back to Ottawa to cash the cheques. But we’ve got a surprise for him.

If we raise $5000 by tomorrow, we’ll park a huge mobile billboard right outside Trudeau’s exclusive fundraising event, with a 10-foot warning to Trudeau and his donors that continuing to support Kinder Morgan will cost them seats in the next election.

Trudeau’s donors are... already nervous that the growing pipeline protests are damaging the Liberal brand in BC -- and if we surprise them with a hard-hitting Kinder Morgan action outside their exclusive event, they’ll freak out. If we do this right, Trudeau will spend his whole night debating with his top BC donors about whether it’s finally time to back down on Kinder Morgan.

Trudeau’s donors wield incredible influence, and if enough of them speak up he’ll have to reconsider his support for the pipeline.

But Trudeau’s event is just 2 days away, and if we’re going to make this happen we need to raise $5000 by tomorrow to rent the mobile billboard truck. Will you chip in now?


The mobile billboard has a 10 foot display, and it’s the centrepiece of our plan to turn Justin Trudeau’s fundraiser into a train-wreck that forces the Liberals to rethink their strategy on Kinder Morgan.

We’ll also work with local allies to plan a demonstration outside the event in Vancouver. If you live in the Lower Mainland and want to join us, we’ll be gathering this Thursday April 5th at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 5:30pm and marching to Trudeau’s event where we’ll hand out hard-hitting flyers to Trudeau’s donors. [2]

We need to throw everything we’ve got into making sure Trudeau feels the heat on Kinder Morgan at his exclusive fundraiser on Thursday, but if we want to make your message impossible to ignore, we need your help to secure the mobile billboard.

We’re splitting the cost with SumOfUs and 350.org, so every dollar you donate will be matched. I’ve already reserved the billboard truck. But we only have 2 days to pull the cash together.

Will you chip in to help force Trudeau to back down on Kinder Morgan?


You’ve already given Trudeau a chance to do the right thing on Kinder Morgan. You’ve signed massive petitions, made hundreds of phone calls, crowdfunded billboards in Ottawa -- and just last week you made headlines with a massive National Day of Action to Defend the Water from Kinder Morgan.

Now you have a chance to bring your message directly to Trudeau, when he is in front of his big-money donors and more vulnerable than ever.

Most of us could never afford the $1000 ticket to attend Trudeau’s event, but if we all chip in what we can, we can make sure everyone inside is talking about how Trudeau’s support for Kinder Morgan could cost the Liberals seats in BC.

I’ve been on the phone with a company that’s willing to rent us the mobile billboard to carry your hard-hitting Kinder Morgan message right to Trudeau’s fundraiser for $5000. But we have to raise the cash in the next 2 days, so I’m asking -- will you chip in today, Supa?


Thanks for all you do,

Jolan, Logan and Tim on behalf of the Leadnow team


[1] http://events.liberal.ca/Event/an-evening-with-the-rt-hon-justin-trudeau-2018-4-5T22.aspx?lang=en

[2] RSVP for the demonstration outside Trudeau’s fundraiser in Vancouver on Thursday at 5:30pm here: https://www.facebook.com/events/904843336361676/

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