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PAOV — Instagram users are pressuring the social media giant to improve their policies after a string of instances in which content has been allowed to depict acts of "animal cruelty.” Add your name if you agree.

Petitioning Instagram Demand for Instagram to Improve Its Rules Against Animal Cruelty

Petition by Anne Yan
California, USA


Sign and share I can’t share right now - Just sign the petition We are requesting Instagram take stronger action against animal cruelty. Too many posts depicting animal violence have been uploaded with no retribution. When a report is made, Instagram, time and time again, have said the post is within its regulations. It is inexplicable why images of abused and murdered animals are deemed appropriate when selfies of people with exotic animals are not. We ask that Instagram:

1) Prevent the uploading of abused and murdered animals like it has banned the posting of exotic animal selfies.

2) A team of REAL people discerning the in/appropriateness of reported images.

3) The reporting of suspected animal abuse to animal welfare organizations.

4) Assisting animal welfare organizations in the investigation of animal cruelty.

We are standing up for those who do not have a voice, and we are asking you to do the same. r0 · /> · Privacy policy

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