No Loopholes for Big Oil

Trudeau is trying to exempt polluters from its new environmental reviews r1


Earlier this year, the Trudeau government announced major changes to Canada’s environmental reviews, something he promised while campaigning for the elections in 2015. But this overhaul is falling short: Trudeau and his government are considering putting loopholes for this country’s biggest polluters.

The new rules are not finalized yet, so we have a window to close the loopholes. Not only that, if we organize and crank up the pressure, we have a shot at shifting federal action on the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

That’s why we’re demanding a people’s amendment to the legislation to ensure that there are no loopholes for Big Oil. The first step is sending this message to the Trudeau government and all federal party leaders.

What we’re asking is: first, that any project approved by Canada's broken regulators after Trudeau's... election in 2015, like the Kinder Morgan pipeline, should be reviewed under the new rules. Second, that there are no exemptions to these rules for Big Oil and major polluters in Alberta's tar sands, where massive projects like Teck Frontier mine – the largest open-pit tar sands mine ever proposed – are going ahead in a review where these new rules don't apply.

With Bill C-69, the Trudeau government is overhauling Stephen Harper’s broken environmental review processes by taking steps to restore trust in review agencies, protect freshwater, take climate change into account, and uphold Indigenous rights in decisions over major infrastructure projects. Trudeau’s reforms to the environmental review process don’t go far enough to start with -- but if there are loopholes for Canada’s biggest polluters, that means these new rules won’t apply where they matters most. Let’s make sure that leaders in Ottawa get the message that there can be absolutely no loopholes for Big Oil in environmental legislation.

Today, hundreds of people plan to show up at a fundraiser that Prime Minister Trudeau is holding in Vancouver to remind him that he is not welcome on the BC coast — not while he is ramming a tar sands pipeline through without Indigenous consent.

From coast to coast, people are showing Prime Minister Trudeau that if he truly wants to act on climate change, gain communities’ trust, and respect the rights of Indigenous peoples and the path to reconciliation, his government needs to get tough on Big Oil. The age of Big Oil profiting at the expense of people and the planet is over. Let’s make sure Trudeau hears us loud and clear.

With respect and gratitude,

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