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In March, generous Canadian SumOfUs members funded an important poll to determine how Ontarians feel about Nestlé, and the bottled water industry in Ontario.

Now the results are in and a whopping 64% of Ontario residents don't want Nestlé and other corporations to control their groundwater. Not only that, but over 50% of Ontarians across party lines want bottled water permits phased out in the next two years -- within the first term of the next government.

With the will of Ontarians behind us, the time is ripe to pressure the current Premier to make the right move and finally kick Nestlé out of Ontario for good.

Can you take a moment now to tell Premier Wynne to phase out bottled water permits?

Every day, Nestlé is taking millions of litres of Ontario’s precious groundwater on expired permits.

We need to send a... strong message now to Premier Wynne to say no to Nestlé sucking Ontario dry.

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Here's a copy of the original email we sent out:


It’s outrageous -- Nestlé draws 4.7 million litres of water from Ontario every single day, and is looking to take more. Nestlé’s permits have expired -- some of them years ago -- and yet the government is refusing to make a decision on whether to renew them.

Ontario residents have spoken loud and clear: 63% of them have stated that they don’t want bottled water permits renewed. Ontario wants to protect its groundwater from Nestlé, and other bottled water companies, seeking to profit off its water.

Premier Wynne is heading into an election and is hoping Nestlé’s greedy water grabs won’t come up until after the votes have been cast. A huge outcry now can propel this issue into the limelight and pressure Wynne to phase out the bottled water industry and protect Ontario’s water for good.

Tell Premier Wynne to phase out permits for bottled water for companies like Nestlé.

Everyday in Ontario 7.6 million litres of water is pumped out, on expired permits, by bottled water companies. And over two thirds of that is taken by Nestlé. Not only that, but Nestlé wants to take an additional 1.6 million litres per day at a new well.

Local residents and advocates have been fighting Nestlé’s profiteering for years. And local First Nations are strongly opposed to Nestlé’s water grabs.

We have a unique opportunity to support these groups in protecting this vital resource from Nestlé’s greed, if we come together now.

Premier Wynne has bowed to public pressure before. In 2016, she changed the regulations around water-taking permits to include a two-year moratorium on new permits, as well as increasing the cost to draw water from Ontario’s precious aquifers. It’s time to turn the heat up again and ensure that she gets the message: Ontario doesn’t want Nestlé, and other bottled water companies, to have its water.

Call on the Ontario Premier to phase out permits for water corporations like Nestlé.

SumOfUs has helped local allies to protect water from Nestlé’s greed. Over 250,000 caring members like you signed a petition to tell Oregon governor Kate Brown to stop Nestlé from setting up shop in Cascade Locks. We partnered with local activists and, because of that pressure, the governor prevented Nestlé from taking this small community's water. We know that, together, when we take on Nestlé and the bottled water industry, we win.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia, Angus, Emma, Reem, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Ontario allowing bottled water companies to take 7.6M litres a day on expired permits . CBC, 26 November 2017
Water for Life not Profit. Wellington Water Watchers

This email was sent on behalf of Wellington Water Watchers and SOU Canada Society for their "Water For Life, Not Profit" Campaign.

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