Not a chance

You’re not going to believe this. Yesterday news leaked that the Trudeau government is considering gaping loopholes to let pipelines and tarsands projects off the hook from new climate rules. [1]

Letting Canada’s dirtiest industries skip this critical climate review would be a disaster for our environment -- and we need to move fast to stop it.

The government likely leaked their plans as a “trial balloon” to gauge the public response -- so a fast and fierce backlash could convince them to scrap this dangerous plan.

But we don’t have much time. Trudeau is travelling to the tarsands tomorrow where he could be planning to make these outrageous loopholes official. [2]

Will you sign the petition demanding that the Liberals scrap these outrageous loopholes for big oil?


Right now, a parliamentary committee is reviewing legislation that would strengthen Canada’s environmental assessment process, which was gutted by Stephen Harper. The bills include new rules, including a climate review.

But there are hints that Trudeau is considering loopholes to let some of the dirtiest energy projects in the world skip this climate review -- taking the teeth out of the new rules. [3]

What’s more, the rules don’t apply to projects that have already been reviewed, like the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

We need a massive backlash now to demand that all pipelines and tarsands projects face a fair climate test -- no exceptions. Sign the petition now.


Supa, the time for half-measures and industry giveaways is over. From BC to PEI and right into the heart of Ottawa, Justin Trudeau has to learn that if he caves to fossil fuel polluters, he will meet fierce resistance every time, every step of the way. There is no more time for climate compromise.

The Liberal government is feeling the heat on climate. They were forced to respond to your nationwide protests two weeks ago, and tonight, Leadnow is meeting them outside of a major fundraiser in Vancouver with a massive billboard truck.

Let’s keep the pressure on the Trudeau Liberals - will you sign now to shoot down this trial balloon and send the fossil fuel industry packing?

Thanks for all you do,

Logan, Jolan and Tim on behalf of Leadnow





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