BREAKING: Kinder Morgan suspends "non-essential spending"

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Yesterday, we sent the e-mail below inviting you to sign a petition to Trudeau, but due to a technical error, many of you weren't able to sign it. The link has been fixed.

In case you weren't able to sign earlier, visit the petition page now to tell Trudeau and his ministers to end their support for the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline.

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Earlier today we heard some big news. Kinder Morgan announced it was stopping all “non-essential” spending on the TransMountain tar sands pipeline. This announcement follows weeks of historic resistance to this pipeline all across the country -- from almost 200 arrests at the Kinder Morgan tank farm gates on Burnaby Mountain to distributed actions at... Liberal MP offices from coast to coast.

This is a win for people power, for the planet, and for Indigenous rights. However, it’s not the end. If anything, this is a new beginning.

Kinder Morgan has announced it will take until May 31st to try and restore investor confidence in its project. Clearly, this Texas-based oil company is presenting the Trudeau government with an ultimatum to trample over the people of BC and get this pipeline built at every cost. And in the last couple of hours Justin Trudeau and his government have given us every indication that they’re prepared to choose Big Oil over people.

So let’s stand up to that. Here’s our plan:

First, we need to send Justin Trudeau tens of thousands of messages. If Big Oil’s in his ear right now, he needs to hear from us too. Kinder Morgan’s announcement shows investors understand that Indigenous peoples and communities in British Columbia do not want this pipeline, and that this pipeline will not fit within Canada’s climate commitments. Click here and tell Trudeau and his ministers to end their support for the Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain pipeline.

But, we know that simply sending Trudeau a bunch of emails won’t be enough. That’s why, next week, we’re organizing mass, national action calls to bring this movement together and get to work on next steps to turn up the heat to make sure this pipeline never gets built. We’ll be in touch soon with details about those calls.

And, we’ll continue to support non-violent civil disobedience on Coast Salish Territories, where just this past week, Kinder Morgan shut down their construction in the face of Indigenous led-action at their front gates.

It has been a long road to get here, but this is clear evidence that people power works, and, we’re not done fighting.

Kinder Morgan has given themselves until May 31st to make a final decision on whether or not to build this pipeline. Let’s make that choice a clear one. Join the next push to stop Kinder Morgan’s dangerous pipeline plans once and for all.

Already Big Oil backed by the government of Alberta is at Justin Trudeau's doorstep calling on him to take drastic action to bulldoze ahead with this pipeline. That just means we will have to be louder and bolder than ever before.

Let’s turn this win into a victory. Let’s stop Kinder Morgan once and for all.



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