Shaking in their boots

This is HUGE. In response to growing opposition, Kinder Morgan announced yesterday that they’ve frozen spending on their Trans Mountain pipeline and suspended “non-essential” construction activities.[1]

This fight is far from over -- but one thing is clear: the people-powered movement against Kinder Morgan has them shaking in their boots.

On Thursday, the Leadnow community joined forces with SumOfUs, and local allies to derail Justin Trudeau’s $1000-plate fundraiser in Vancouver with a hard-hitting Kinder Morgan protest.

Hundreds of you chipped in for a giant mobile billboard that led a 700-strong march to Trudeau’s elite event, warning the Prime Minister and his wealthy donors that supporting Kinder Morgan will cost them seats in the next election.

Your people-powered protest became a huge national news story, and got Canada’s top political pundits talking about how Trudeau will lose votes if he keeps pushing Kinder Morgan. [2-3]

Then, on Saturday, Indigenous leaders led by Grand Chief Stewart Phillip shut down work at Kinder Morgan’s Burnaby pipeline construction site. Terrified by the optics of arresting Indigenous leaders, Kinder Morgan chose not to call the RCMP to make arrests. [4]

And yesterday, Kinder Morgan issued a press release announcing a halt on “non-essential” construction activities. The Texas oil giant said that unless the opposition in BC softens by May 31st, “it is difficult to conceive of any scenario in which [they] would proceed with the Project”. [5]

This is amazing news, but this battle is not over yet. Kinder Morgan only halted “non-essential” construction, and now we’re hearing reports that they’re actually trying to ramp up work in Burnaby today.[6]

And pro-pipeline politicians are kicking into overdrive. Alberta’s Premier, Rachel Notley, vowed to do whatever it takes to get the pipeline built -- even offering to fund the project with taxpayer dollars. Now, Kinder Morgan is calling in favours with the federal government, asking Trudeau’s Oil Minister, Jim Carr, to force BC to back down. [7-8]

In the coming weeks, BC’s NDP government will face a relentless flood of pressure from pro-pipeline politicians and big oil lobbyists -- and if we want them to stand strong, we need to show them that the might of the movement to stop Kinder Morgan is right behind them.

Will you send a message asking BC Premier John Horgan to stand strong?


We’re in this together,

Jolan, Chloe and Logan on behalf of the entire Leadnow team









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