The Humboldt Broncos

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Petitioning Transport Canada, The Rural Municipality of Connaught No. 457 Transport Canada: Improve Safety at the Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Intersection

Petition by Chris Flook
Calgary, Canada


Sign the petition In the wake of last week's horrific bus crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, something must be done about Armley Corner, the intersection of Highways 35 & 335 in Saskatchewan, Canada. A total of 29 people were on the bus. All of them were either injured or killed. Let's make sure they're the last.

This is not the first disaster to happen at this exact spot. A family of six was killed here in 1997. A flashing red light and an oversized stop sign were installed for westbound traffic, but even all of that wasn't enough to prevent the latest tragedy. Because of the trees which obstruct the view of northbound traffic, a westbound driver's alertness is all that currently prevents accidents here.

I am asking Transport Canada to take action and improve safety at the Humboldt bus crash intersection. A proper 4-way stop, aided by rumble strips and deceleration zones in every direction, may have prevented this.

Join me in preventing more innocent deaths and in making Canadian roads safer. r0 · /> · Privacy policy

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