Massive pesticide permit approved in Clayoquot Sound

The BC government just granted a permit to dump millions of litres of a toxic pesticide into fish farms in Clayoquot Sound. The permit comes into effect TOMORROW.

Tell BC Environment Minister George Heyman to immediately revoke Cermaq’s dangerous pesticide permit.

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Urgent: The BC government quietly green-lighted a permit allowing Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq to dump 2.3 million litres of highly toxic pesticides into the Clayoquot Sound -- and the permit comes into effect tomorrow.

34,000 SumOfUs members already pushed BC Environment Minister George Heyman to deny Cermaq's application and announce a review of all pesticide use in open-net pen salmon farms in BC. The review... still hasn’t been released -- yet the government still granted this dangerous permit.

Our pressure forced the BC government to deny this permit once -- and now we have to pile the pressure on the BC government to revoke this permit before it comes into effect. Flooding inboxes with emails is the most effective way for them to hear from us quickly.

Will you send an urgent email Minister Heyman and other BC politicians now to revoke Cermaq’s dangerous pesticide permit?

Salmon farming giant Cermaq's permit is for Interox Paramove 50, a concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide, to treat farmed salmon for sea lice. This chemical is responsible for mass die-offs in fish farms, and it is known to harm marine organisms such as young salmon, herring, and prawn and crab larvae. It's also never been use in Clayoquot sound before.

We can’t let this happen on our watch.

Environment Minister George Heyman and other key ministers have the power to revoke the application and protect Clayoquot Sound before the permit comes into effect on May 1st. And we know they are incredibly vulnerable to public pressure on this issue. Heyman’s government admits that the Clayoquot UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a special region and that wild salmon come first in BC.

Email BC Ministers to call them to revoke Cermaq’s dangerous pesticide permit now.

With the bloodwater scandal, and Indigenous-led fish farm occupations, it’s increasingly clear the Province has to take action on this issue, and tackle getting open-net fish farms out of the ocean for good. We will keep pushing all levels of government to phase out these farms and support workers through the transition.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Emma, Angus, Amelia, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Clayoquot pesticide permit approved,Clayoquot Action, April 11th, 2018
Cermaq's Pesticide Use Permit Application (PDF), BC Minstry of Environment, September 27th, 2017

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