Kinder Morgans going after our friends

Join me in donating to the legal fund for the Burnaby Mountain land, water, and climate protectors. r1

Dear Friends,

As the Executive Director of I have the privilege of working with communities and organizers all across the world who are leading the most iconic fights against the fossil fuel industry.

And across the world, one fact is consistent: these fights are led by ordinary people who take on big risks so that our movement can win big. Very much like the people who were arrested on Burnaby Mountain over the last few months standing up to the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline. Now, these folks are facing criminal contempt charges and they are looking for contributions to their legal defence fund. Can you join me in helping them out?

I can say with confidence that watching the fight against the Kinder Morgan... tar sands pipeline unfold on Burnaby Mountain and across Canada has been one of the most inspiring moments of people-powered resistance that I have seen in my entire career. The movement for climate justice and Indigenous rights has brought this pipeline to its knees and within weeks we could see the project stopped once and for all.

But Kinder Morgan isn’t going down without a fight. I was troubled to hear that the Texas oil giant has been pushing for criminal contempt charges and a SLAPP suit against the 200 courageous land, water and climate protectors who took bold action on Burnaby Mountain. We know Big Oil is well-resourced to carry out its dirty work in the courts -- but the Indigenous activists, students, grandparents, teachers, and many others they are trying to criminalize are not. That’s why I am asking you today to join me in making a contribution to the legal defence fund in support of all those who took bold action at the Kinder Morgan terminal on Burnaby Mountain. is dedicated to building and supporting a global grassroots movement to tackle the climate change crisis -- and part of that means supporting individuals who stand up to the biggest perpetrator of climate change: the fossil fuel industry. That’s why it’s so important for me to personally help ensure the people arrested on Burnaby Mountain are able to mount a fair defence for themselves in the face of Kinder Morgan’s vicious offensive. If you’re able, please support these folks with a small donation to the legal defence fund. Every little bit counts.

Thank you for all that you have done in the fight against this pipeline. After unprecedented mobilization all across Canada, Kinder Morgan has frozen spending on its Trans Mountain pipeline project and the Canadian federal government has begun to backpedal in what was initially their steadfast support for the project. Even the CEO of Kinder Morgan has come out with a statement naming the pipeline project as likely an “untenable” endeavour.

This movement is so close to bringing this pipeline to an end once and for all. If Kinder Morgan is stopped, it would serve a huge blow to the expansion of the Alberta tar sands which scientists say is an absolute necessity to securing a safe climate for the entire planet.

Let’s show our support for some of the people who face the highest risk for the actions that they took to get us so close to a massive victory.

It’s clear that people power works.

In solidarity,

May Boeve

PS - Although the fight is close to the end, it’s not over yet. There are mobilizations planned all across Canada to bring the Kinder Morgan resistance to Liberal MP and cabinet minister offices from coast to coast. Join an action near your or sign up to host one. is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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