Merger from hell

SumOfUs r1 The Bayer-Monsanto mega-corporation is just around the corner ...


The merger that you and hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members fought against is about to become a reality.

Bayer and Monsanto used their endlessly deep pockets and armies of lobbyists to get the EU to approve their nightmare deal -- and we’ve heard the US could be about to give it the go ahead too.

This will leave one mega corporation shaping what we eat, the drugs we take, and how we grow our food. Yes, it’s a nightmare.

But we won’t sit here disappointed. SumOfUs exists to protect our communities, our health, and our environment from corporations running amok. You, and the millions of SumOfUs members across the world, are taking on corporate giants every single day, and together we’re winning.

We’re not afraid and we’re ready to take on Bayer and Monsanto -- whether they’re one company or two. But to really give them a run for their money, we need you. A, please can you make a small monthly gift today to stop this merger becoming the nightmare we all feared?

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Monsanto’s known for making chemicals like glyphosate -- which has been classified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.

Bayer’s suing the European Commission, wanting to overturn the partial ban on three widely used chemicals, which an ever-growing body of science says is a key culprit of the global bee die-off.

Together, they’re a nightmare.

This is one of our biggest challenges yet -- to stop Bayer and Monsanto from wreaking havoc on the things you and I care about.

That’s why I’m asking for your support today. No matter how little you can give each month, a monthly donation is the most powerful form of support you can give.

With your donation, we’ll help stop this new mega-corporation from having a stranglehold on our leaders in the long-term. It’ll mean we can make our voices heard by hiring lobbyists, buying out ads, turning up at politicians’ offices -- whatever it takes.

Please make a small monthly gift of whatever you can afford today.

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Becoming a monthly donor means you become part of a community that makes putting people and planet over profit possible.

It will make SumOfUs stronger for years to come -- letting us plan ahead, and act quickly when crucial moments call for it. It means we can spend less time fundraising, and more time winning campaigns.

Time and time again, SumOfUs members like you prove that people power can help realise the important but ambitious mission of putting people over profit.

Over half a million of you mobilised to push France to become the first country to decide to ban neonics -- the bee-harming pesticides. You helped a tiny community in Michigan being sued by Nestlé for protecting the town’s water, go toe-to-toe with the mega-corporation by covering the township’s legal fees.

But to have even more impact -- and to take on corporations the scale of Bayer and Monsanto -- we need more members to become monthly donors, so that we may become even more of a force to be reckoned with.

This mega-corporation is just around the corner. Help us keep it in line by making a small monthly gift today.

Donate CA$5 a month Donate CA$10 a month Donate CA$26 a month Donate another amount

Thanks for all that you do,

Anne, Tricia, Kat and the team at SumOfUs

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