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McDonald’s is choking our oceans with millions of plastic straws.

I’m a marine biologist and I’ve seen first hand the damage McDonalds' plastic waste is doing.

The fast-food giant’s annual shareholder meeting is just three weeks away -- with your donation I can be there too.

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My name is Dr. Elaine Leung, I’m a SumOfUs member from Vancouver, Canada. And I’m also a marine biologist.

Working in some of the most remote parts of the world, I’ve seen first hand the destruction caused by plastic waste from companies like McDonald’s.

It’s so heartbreaking to see turtles and seabirds living in oceans of plastic trash, including straws. And to think, A, the execs of companies like McDonald’s that are causing this destruction probably never see it themselves.

In just a few weeks McDonald’s will have its annual shareholders meeting -- if you donate today I can be there too.

I live thousands of miles from Illinois where the meeting is happening, so I need your help to get there and stand up for the turtles and our oceans?

A, please can you chip in today to stop McDonald's polluting our oceans?

As a marine biologist, I’ve worked in many remote and beautiful places, from Antarctica to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. But even in these places where no-one lives, there is garbage everywhere you look -- and almost all of it is plastic items, including bottles and straws.

I’ve seen turtles and their young caught up in this sea of plastic trash, and I’ve carried huge bags of plastic waste on my back, to help clear areas where endangered species live.

Seeing this drove me to set up an organisation, Sea Smart, where I've educated and empowered thousands of people to take action against ocean plastic pollution in their own lives.

But I know that to stop plastic pollution we need to go to the source.

Convincing McDonald's to stop its millions-a-day straw habit will be one of the biggest impacts we can possibly have on our oceans and marine life. And it will help to set a new standard on single-use plastics for other corporations to follow.

Yes, I'll chip in to stop McDonald's plastic pollution

Along with hundreds of thousands of other SumOfus Members, I have been urging McDonald’s to end its straw addiction -- and guess what? We’re close to winning.

When the SumOfUs team met with McDonald’s lawyers in February, they told us they'd heard our message loud and clear. And since then the fast food giant has announced it will be ‘phasing out’ plastic straws in UK branches.

Now, thanks to another SumOfUs member who owns stock in McDonald’s, we have a formal shareholder proposal demanding the chain to be transparent about the risk of using plastic straws and show what it is doing to stop using them.

I’m all set to go and deliver this proposal and, representing SumOfUs, push the McDonald’s execs into fast and global action on plastic waste.

But I need your help to do it A -- please can you chip in today?

Yes, I'll chip in today to end McDonald’s plastic pollution.

Thank you so much for joining me,

Dr. Elaine Leung and the team at SumOfUs

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