We've got Kinder Morgan worried

Let's take the next steps and stop this pipeline once and for all r1


In the last few weeks, people from coast to coast, from Victoria to Halifax, rose to oppose Justin Trudeau’s billion dollar bail out for the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

A third of all the Liberal cabinet ministers across the country and dozens of MPs have received this message at their doorstep, and many of them have been confronted at fundraisers, party events, and even the Liberal Convention. The good news is the pressure is working. We keep hearing that the Liberal caucus is starting to crack over the party’s position on the Kinder Morgan pipeline. But the bad news is that Kinder Morgan and Big Oil lobbyists are hard at work too.

So let’s keep the pressure mounting. I’ve been bringing the Stop KM message to my MP,... Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, and now, I’m prepared to take the fight to the next stage. I’d love for you to be a part of this as well -- will you join me on Monday to talk about what’s next? Here are all the details:

What: A mass ‘barnstorm’ organizing meeting where we’ll talk about, and get to work organizing concrete next steps for stopping Kinder Morgan.

When: Monday, May 14th at 4pm PT/5pm MT/ 6pm CT/7pm EST/8pm AT for less than an hour

How to join: RSVP to join the Zoom call here

Back in 2015, people all across Canada voted in the Liberal party after 10 years of Stephen Harper because they were ready for real change. For many, that meant voting for a Liberal party that promised climate action, reconciliation with First Nations and real environmental protection. After winning a majority government they’re now giving us nothing but a dangerous pipeline and broken promise after broken promise. It’s time to show Trudeau’s Liberals that many of us voted for real change -- none of us voted for Kinder Morgan.

We’re just a few weeks away from Kinder Morgan’s May 31st deadline for Justin Trudeau to spend billions of public dollars bailing out their project, and next week we have a chance to act. From May 14-19 Members of Parliament, including members of Trudeau’s cabinet, will be back in their ridings all across Canada. We have a plan on how to make it happen. Will you join me for a national organizing call on Monday at 4:00 PM PST/7:00 PM EST?

At every step, we’ve got Kinder Morgan, its shareholders, and its champions in Ottawa worried. If we make the right moves in the next few weeks, we could stop this pipeline for good.

It’s extraordinary what our movement can accomplish together.

So let’s push forward to victory,


PS -
Check out this blog by my friend Aurore to see the full story of everything our movement accomplished over the last few weeks.

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