Amazon & the US gun lobby

It's time to put a stop to the NRA's propaganda.

The US Gun Lobby has its own fear mongering communications channel, NRATV, which is fueling distrust in “mainstream media” and spreading rumors of “socialist elites” set on taking away Americans’ guns.

Tell Amazon: stop streaming the US gun lobby's violent rhetoric.

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With 5 million members and a multi-million dollar lobbying empire, the NRA (the powerful US gun lobby) is holding the US political system hostage and stonewalling meaningful gun reform. Meanwhile, the lobby’s communications arm, NRATV, is spreading fake news and conspiracy... theories online.

NRATV is a powerful mouthpiece for an organization whose CEO claims that owning a gun is a right “granted by God to all Americans as our American birthright.” And it’s being broadcast by the biggest name in tech: Amazon.

As the NRA doubles down on its defense of the “right” to own military-grade assault rifles despite the pleading of survivors of multiple school shootings, some are calling on tech companies to stop hosting NRATV. That’s why we’re demanding Amazon stop spreading the NRA’s harmful rhetoric through their streaming services.

Tell Amazon: The world is watching, take a stand against the US gun lobby and stop streaming NRATV!

Jeff Bezos has been criticized lately for steering Amazon into irresponsible territory. From continuing to funnel ad dollars into the hate-news site, Breitbart to underpaying and overworking distribution center workers, Amazon clearly has a dark side that Bezos is trying to hide.

Despite public outcry in the U.S., Bezos, as both the CEO and chair of the board of the corporate giant, has yet to publicly cut ties with the NRA while Amazon continues to give the gun lobby a powerful platform to spread hatred and lies. Enough is enough. Help tell Bezos and Amazon that the world is watching.

Tell Amazon: take a stand for common-sense gun restrictions and drop NRATV!

It’s time Amazon stops broadcasting NRATV’s alternate reality. Despite their talking points, it’s clearer than ever that the NRA doesn’t speak for the average American: a 2018 poll showed 66% of Americans supported a ban on assault weapons.

We know we have the power to pressure companies to cut ties with the NRA -- three Enterprise rental car brands already ended their discount program from NRA members in the wake of the Parkland shooting. But it’s up to us to make sure our voices speak louder than NRATV’s conspiracy theories. That’s why we’re calling on Amazon to drop NRATV from their streaming services.

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More information:

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