ACTIVlist Update - May 14, 2018

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New info has come to light about BP's risky offshore drilling
BP’s offshore drilling project didn’t have a full risk assessment before drilling started, according to a long-time industry expert.

House of Commons committee debate on Bill C-69 (environmental reviews and water protection) should be extended!
The Council of Canadians has been raising numerous concerns about Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act,... to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.

Injunction hearing vs Site C scheduled for July 23-August 4
There are renewed hopes that the Site C dam on the Peace River in Treaty 8 territory in northern British Columbia could be stopped by an injunction.

Mother's Day and the right to water and sanitation
Mother's Day has its historical roots in the struggle for the human right to water and sanitation.

Chapters this Week!
Here's a snapshot of recent and upcoming chapter actions across the country...

Where does AMLO stand on NAFTA and energy liberalization?
Given it appears unlikely that the US, Canadian and Mexican governments will conclude a NAFTA 2.0 deal prior to the July 1 election in Mexico, it makes sense to take a moment to look at the views of the leading presidential candidate - Andrés Manuel López Obrador aka AMLO - on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

G7 summit in Quebec to discuss Trump's withdrawal from Iranian nuclear deal
What will be among the key issues discussed at the upcoming G7 summit in Quebec?


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