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We thought it was gone for good, Paov.

The Prime Minister himself said it was a bad idea.1 Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly was even forced to admit it was a terrible plan.2 A poll showed 70 per cent of Canadians were against it.3

But yesterday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC) Commission dug the Internet Tax out of its grave, proposing fees on Internet services to fund Canadian content production.4


Canadians already pay some of the highest Internet bills in the world.5 An Internet Tax will be passed down to all Internet users driving those bills even higher. It will deepen our already unacceptable digital divide, and it will hamper innovation and hurt competition in the Internet industry.6

Minister Joly has already consulted Canadians on an Internet Tax and the response was overwhelming — Canadians fiercely rejected the Internet Tax.7

And in September, Minister Joly said: "Broadband coverage is uneven across the country. We pay some of the highest rates in the world. Our government won’t increase the cost of these services to Canadians by imposing a new tax." 8

Now it’s time to make sure she keeps her word. Use our one-click tool and call her office right now to tell her an Internet Tax will raise Internet bills for you and your family, and it is simply unacceptable. Our tool provides helpful talking points to make this easy.


Don’t want to pick up the phone but still want to take action to put this ridiculous proposal back in the grave where it belongs? Giving even $5 or $10 now will help fuel this fight.


The fact this bad idea keeps coming back from the grave means that lobbyists are pushing hard to make this a reality. We need your voice to help push back.

Your support will help Canadians’ Internet bills from rising,
—Katy, on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S. Solutions for funding quality content already exist, and should not come at the expense of bringing Canada into a 21st century digital economy. Tell Minister Joly to ditch the Internet tax and give Canadians a fairer Internet future.

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