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Paov--Did you see the email we sent the other day? We got a great response and we’re so close to eliminating our fundraising shortfall. Will you chip in to push us over the top?



My name is Alana Schultz, and I'm in charge of fundraising at OpenMedia.

You don't usually get emails from me, but I'm writing you today because we're facing a significant funding shortfall this month -- and that's a big problem.

As a non-profit organization, we set a fundraising target each month. If we don't hit that target, then eventually, we simply have to cut back on our work – either reduce staff time on crucial projects or spend less on ads and campaigns. I wish that wasn't true, but it's just reality.

And this fundraising shortfall is happening at the worst possible time. We're facing major attacks on our digital rights.

Bell will stop at nothing to gain unprecedented powers for Canada-wide website blocking. The Cambridge Analytica scandal confirmed our worst fears about how our personal data can be used against us, while Internet service prices are soaring at a rate 5 times that of inflation.

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