BREAKING: 100+ communities rising to oppose the pipeline buy out

Let's drive home the message to Trudeau; we say no to a pipeline buy out. r1


Today, people are rising all across Canada against Trudeau’s decision to buy the TransMountain project from Kinder Morgan with over $4.5 billion of public money. Over 100 actions at MPs’ offices are happening, and it all came together in a matter of days.

By making this decision, the Trudeau government has made all of us shareholders of the TransMountain pipeline project and they should be prepared to hear from us everywhere they go. While people take action at over 100 events today, will you join thousands of others in demanding public consultations on Kinder Morgan’s pipeline in every riding across Canada?

Toronto-Centre - Finance Minister Bill Morneau's office

Ottawa-South mobilizes at MP David McGuinty's office

"No buy out" action in Moncton

From Halifax, to Toronto, to Ottawa, to Victoria, people are speaking out against this deal. In the coming months, we’ll be strengthening our resolve to fight this climate-wrecking projet that threatens our waters and tramples over Indigenous rights.

By using public money to buy this pipeline, Justin Trudeau gave us the power to stop this pipeline. Join the movement by demanding public consultations on Trudeau’s $4.5 billion tar sands pipeline decision and let’s get to work across the country.

We could do so much with $4.5 billion. Canada could direct these funds toward ending boil water advisories in First Nations communities, investing in massive public transit, or accelerating the transition to 100% renewable energy. Instead, Justin Trudeau chose to buy a pipeline that would be devastating for the climate, for waterways and the Pacific coastline, and for Indigenous communities whose territories it crosses and rights it violates.

Today, the resistance is only strengthening.

In peace and respect,

PS. There might still be time to join an action today, check out the map of 100+ actions nationwide to see if there’s one near you. See you out in the streets and on the land! is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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