Landslide Victory for Abortion Rights in Ireland

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1618 ... June 9, 2018

Landslide Victory for Abortion Rights in Ireland

Anne Conway

"A stunning victory" was how I described the results from the referendum on removing the constitutional ban on abortion in an Irish Times article on Monday 28th. The vote for lifting the ban was passed by a resounding two-thirds majority of 66.4 per cent for Yes. The Irish people have declared in this vote that the sanctimonious hypocrites of the pro-life campaign are no longer free to judge and shame women for deciding what is best for their lives.

It wasn’t a sweetness and light campaign. It was vicious, despite the playing down by the Yes campaign of the behaviour of many in the No camp. Exit polls showed 42 per cent of voters were... influenced by the personal stories from women. Reading this I was glad that I told my story of having an abortion when I was a young woman.1 I decided to tell my story as I was tired of the intimidation and shaming of women who had abortions. Many individuals, particularly young women in the campaign, thanked me. It meant a lot to them to hear a woman from another generation speaking out.

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