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As the executive director of OpenMedia, I’ve seen a lot of attacks on the free and open Internet... over the years. But we’ve never faced more attacks on our digital rights online than what we are facing today.

Net Neutrality is under attack by Bell’s Canada-wide website-blocking proposal. The CRTC is pushing for an Internet tax that would make our Internet bills go even higher. Big corporate publishers in Europe are pushing to charge fees for hyperlinks that would kill off websites like Reddit and break the Internet on a global scale.

Meanwhile, the reckless handling of our data by politicians and corporations has nearly eliminated any remnant of personal privacy. And perhaps most terrifying of all, Donald Trump now controls the most sweeping digital surveillance regime in the history of the world.

That’s why this is possibly the most dangerous time ever for the free and open Internet. Thankfully, with so much at stake, our friends at Private Internet Access have stepped up to offer a triple match of every donation we receive this month.

Will you donate to help defend the free and open Internet? All donations will be TRIPLE MATCHED.

OpenMedia was founded to defend the Internet as an open place that is equally accessible to everyone, and that empowers people to build a more connected, democratic, and collaborative world.

But generated by the most powerful communications technology in the history of the world, the Internet has the potential to be used for both good and evil.

Big Telecom providers want to slow down your favorite web services, raise prices, and censor content. Governments are using the Internet to spy on the private lives of every human being on the planet.

OpenMedia believes in fighting back by using the power of the Internet to save the Internet -- building a global movement for Internet access, free expression, and privacy. And because the Internet is a global communications network, we don’t just operate in one country -- we’re watchdogging policies across Canada, the EU, the U.S., and beyond.

We’ve had enormous victories in the past, allowing the Internet to continue to grow and thrive. But today we’re facing more threats in more places than ever before, and we’re counting on your help to keep up the fight.

Will you make a donation to help defend the Internet and our rights online? All donations will be triple matched.


Thank you for standing with us.

Laura, and the whole team at OpenMedia


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