Coca-Cola is becoming a serial human rights offender

Coca-Cola is becoming a serial human rights offender r1 ...

Coca-Cola: A serial human rights offender

Human rights abuses are accumulating at The Coca-Cola Company - at its own operations in Ireland, and at its bottlers in Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States. That makes Coke a serial offender when it comes to failing to respect the human rights of workers and acting to remedy abuses. While it has been repeatedly informed of these ongoing rights violations by the IUF, The Coca-Cola Company has failed to take any meaningful action to remedy the abuses. Coke's systematic human rights due diligence failure make it complicit in these abuses, and a rights abuser in its own right.

CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to The Coca-Cola Company, insisting the company act to remedy the growing number of human rights violations within the Coca-Cola System.

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