Mexico Elections and NAFTA


Mexico Elections and NAFTA

Despite fierce opposition from Big Business and the media, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is likely to be elected President of Mexico on July 1 and have a majority in both houses of Congress. How did this rejection of the major parties come about? Is he a "leftist" or "populist" as widely purported in the North American press? What kind of change can be expected? What obstacles will the new government face?

Part 1: AMLO Needs to Win by 15% For This to Stick
Dr. John Ackerman (professor of Law at UNAM), discusses the myth of the transition to democracy in Mexico, the looming prospect of fraud in the upcoming presidential election, and the promise of a progressive government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Part 2: The... Dynamic Could Change Radically: NAFTA, Trade Wars and Mexican Sovereignty
Dr. Alejandro Álvarez Béjar (professor of Economics at UNAM), discusses the imperiled NAFTA negotiations and looming trade war between Mexico and the USA. The interview also addresses what an alternative to both free trade and protectionism might look like in Mexico.

Interviews conducted by Colin Mooers and Kurt Hackbarth of MexElects.

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