URGENT: Canada's Internet access in danger

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In Canada, our access to the Internet is under attack.... We pay some of the highest prices in the world for cell service, and Bell is lobbying to censor the access we do have.1 Entertainment corporations are trying to convince the government to levy taxes on our smartphones and even the hyperlinks we share.

Our system is broken, and the Big 3 want to keep it that way.

But a good-guy ISP, Distributel, is helping us fight for a more affordable, censorship-free Internet—and they've generously pledged to TRIPLE every donation made between now and the end of July.

Will you chip in to help stop attacks on our Internet access in Canada? All donations will be TRIPLE MATCHED by Distributel.

Now that the E.U. has voted to censor the Internet with link taxes and upload filters, communications corporations are seeing their opportunity to bring the same rules to Canada.2

Bell is pushing through its website-blocking proposal with its massive overreaching copyright rules. The ISP wants an agency with no oversight to block sites accused of pirating—Internet censorship that is a gross violation of Net Neutrality.3

And the CRTC, bowing to pressure from the Big 3 cell companies, is still blocking MVNOs, which would allow Canadians access to the same low-cost data plans available in the rest of North America.

Worse, the Canadian music industry wants to implement a fee on every smartphone and tablet sold in Canada as compensation for supposed piracy losses.4

Canada already pays exorbitant rates for cell service, and now our devices could become more expensive as well!

Will you chip in to help stop attacks on our Internet access in Canada? All donations will be TRIPLE MATCHED by Distributel.

OpenMedia was founded on the principle of an easily accessible, open Internet—and we're fighting back.

We have big plans in the coming months for taking back our Internet in Canada. We are building innovative Internet tools to spread the word about just how unfair our cell-service bills are. We're building a campaign to pressure Minister Bains to take on the CRTC and allow MVNOs in our country. And we're ramping up our fight to save Net Neutrality.

We're facing more threats in more places than ever before, and we can't keep up the fight without you.

Distributel has stepped up to help get us the resources we need to win—it is TRIPLE MATCHING all donations through the end of July. Will you chip in?


For Canada's Internet,

Dave, and the whole team at OpenMedia

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[3] Bell Calls for CRTC-Backed Website Blocking System and Complete Criminalization of Copyright in NAFTA: Michael Geist
[4] Canadian Music Industry Wants Government to Pay Copying Fee for Every Smartphone Sold in Canada: Michael Geist


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