15,000 dogs killed

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Right now, thousands of dogs are being slaughtered in Yulin, China.

So many people in China and around the globe are fighting to end the Yulin dog meat festival. They are outraged by the slaughter of these helpless animals, many being beloved pets that have been kidnapped from loving homes.

Imagine being a dog that finds himself in a cage, barely able to move, as you watch other dogs put to death and cooked. The fear they must feel is unimaginable — their fate unacceptable.

People around the world are coming together to help the Chinese people and authorities who want save the dogs facing these horrors. Your support keeps the pressure on local and national officials to end the Yulin dog meat festival once and for all. Ending this annual event in China is a step toward ending the entire global dog meat trade.

Even if you have signed other Yulin petitions in the past, take a moment to sign and share Maria’s petition today. Maria from Vancouver is part of a worldwide effort to deliver the petition to Chinese embassies and consulates around the world

Laura Dunens
Change.org Canada

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