By Party or By Formation

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1631 ... June 27, 2018

By Party or By Formation

Seth Adler

What would happen if the concept of a political formation were turned into a party building strategy? A map and a metaphorical excursion through two of today’s emerging democratic left forces may lead to an answer.

This excursion starts by outlining the descriptive and strategic dynamics of the notion of the political formation, as articulated by one of its most creative expositors, Stanley Aronowitz. After more than half a century of political organizing, teaching, and producing upwards of twenty books, Aronowitz devoted an entire work to the challenge of party building on the left. The concept of the political formation was central to his 2006 book, Left Turn: Forging a New Political Future. Aronowitz applied it to... the challenge of party building in ways that resonate with conditions today.

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