June E-News - New bill seeks to end mandatory minimums

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New bill seeks to end mandatory minimums

On May 29th Senator Kim Pate... introduced Bill S-251, which would allow judges the discretion to not impose mandatory minimum penalties. CFSC supports the adoption of this bill to let judges consider individual circumstances and tailor sentences that are fair and proportionate. Mandatory minimum sentences can have unjust effects, particularly on vulnerable or marginalised people, and do not focus on rehabilitation or healing. They are also costly and cause delays in the justice system.

You can read more about CFSC’s support for this bill in our open letter: https://quakerservice.ca/mandatoryminimums On the bottom of that page on our website you'll also find instructions to help you write your own note to Canada’s senators if so led.

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Bill C-262 is now before the senate. See the whole process in our infographic.

UN Declaration Bill passes third reading

CFSC staff were on hand to witness the vote on May 30th that saw Bill C-262 come one step closer to reality.

“The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is a crucial and indispensable tool for the urgent work of reconciliation,” states Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild in a media release available at https://quakerservice.ca/news/media-release-coalition-welcomes-commitment-to-un-declaration/.

Bill C-262 sets out a legislative framework requiring the federal government to collaborate with First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in developing a national action plan to fully implement the UN Declaration. Adoption of C-262 into law will also require the federal government to work with Indigenous Peoples to review and reform domestic laws and policies to ensure that they are consistent with the requirements of the Declaration.

Lynn Salvo receiving her Guinness World Record http://bit.ly/LWSGWR

Cross-country ride for peace underway

Lynn Salvo holds the Guinness World Record for oldest female to bike across the United States. Now she's biking across Canada, and not only to set another world record. Lynn is stopping at peace monuments and raising donations from Canadians to Canadian Friends Service Committee.

She explains her thinking:

My choice for this cause is personal. In 1970, I lost my beloved older brother in the useless conflict we call the Vietnam War. In 2015, on my first transcontinental bicycle trip, I visited the National Museum of the Pacific War. I exited the museum building into what appeared to be an outdoor tranquil place, until I realized it was a memorial ‘garden’ — wall after wall of memorials to individuals and groups. Then I came to a blank wall and its meaning caught me in the gut. It was a space for memorials to other lives lost to war and families disrupted. If I can do something to prevent one more name going on a memorial wall and another family being turned upside down, then it’s worth it.

Lynn’s next peace monument stop will be in Calgary as she continues to head east. You can see photos, short videos of the route she’s taking, and find out more about her progress by visiting her blog Life is Like a Bike: https://lifeislikeabike.wordpress.com/

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