ACTIVlist Update - June 28, 2018

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Residents to celebrate defeat of proposed mega quarry near Bobcaygeon, July 12
The Council of Canadians has long supported community opposition to proposed quarry near Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

Chapters this Week!
Here's a snapshot of recent and upcoming chapter actions across the country.

Fredericton chapter opposed to the cutting down of trees, 'revitalization' of Officers' Square
The Council of Canadians Fredericton chapter is opposed to plans to cut down trees and 'revitalize' Officers' Square.

Environmental, fishing and social justice groups unite from coast to coast for a halt to BP offshore drilling N.S.
Days after BP spilled drilling mud offshore of Nova Scotia (drilling is currently on pause), more than 25 organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Canadians have sent an open letter calling on Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna to halt BP’s offshore drilling near Sable Island National Park Reserve.

Bill 28 at odds with a fair economy
Bill 28, the Public Services Sustainability Act, was passed by the Progressive Conservative government of Manitoba in June 2017, but has not yet been proclaimed into law.

Upcoming rallies in Canada vs Trump's child separation, family detention policies
More than 600 rallies will be taking place around the world - including in Canada - on Saturday June 30 as part of a day of action against US President Donald Trump's child separation and family detention policies.


MEDIA RELEASE: Environmental, fishing and social justice groups unite from coast to coast for a halt to BP offshore drilling N.S.

ACTION ALERT: Minister McKenna: Revisit BP’s approval to drill


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