BP is drilling off Nova Scotia?!

We need to stop the drilling before it's too late.

BP just spilled 136,000 litres of toxic mud off the coast of Nova Scotia during exploratory tests.

The next Deepwater Horizon oil spill could happen off the shores of Nova Scotia if BP is allowed to pump oil from our oceans. We need to stop it before it's too late.

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Last week, BP spilled 136,000 litres of toxic mud off the coast of Nova Scotia during an exploratory test. This after the federal government approved BP to drill seven of the... deepest offshore oil wells ever, citing their "confidence" in the safety of the project.

The wells would be twice as deep as the Deepwater Horizon well, where the largest and one of the most notorious oil spills in history happened in 2010.

This dangerous plan goes against the wishes of Indigenous nations, threatens coastal fisheries, the endangered Northern right whale populations and the long-term health of the Nova Scotia’s coast. This spill is proof that the project is a disaster waiting to happen. We can’t risk another Deepwater Horizon.

Regulators are already siding with the oil giant. If we are to stop this disastrous project we need to the Environment Minister and show her that this spill is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to offshore drilling. We need a complete moratorium to stop BP from destroying our coast.

Tell the Environment Minister: stop BP's offshore drilling project and protect our coasts.

The spill last week spewed a toxic mud into the waters, 330km off the shores of Halifax. The cause of the spill is still unknown as are the potential consequences on the marine life in the area. If BP is having this many problems before they have even started pumping oil, how will it prevent another Deepwater Horizon from happening?

BP has been notoriously irresponsible in its handling of risk assessment and oil spills, especially when it came to Deepwater Horizon. It took 85 days to cap the well once it burst -- and BP used insufficient methods to contain the oil, including booms that missed 70-80% of the oil and dispersants which were still experimental at the time.

BP’s current models for clean up in Nova Scotia don’t even come close to being able to handle the gross reality of a spill like Deepwater.

While regulators cozy up with BP, Catherine Mckenna seems complacent on protecting our coast, even though his government mandate was more ocean protection. A massive outcry for action on his part now could bring about the moratorium we need to stop BP from destroying our coast.

Tell Minister McKenna to protect our coasts from BP and place a moratorium on offshore drilling.

SumOfUs has fought offshore drilling in Nova Scotia before. Over 234,000 Canadians called on the CNSOPB to deny Shell's permit to drill in Nova Scotia. We know that when we all work together, we can stand up to the biggest oil giants.

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