"I've punched my dog!"


“I’ve punched my dog! Sometimes you have to discipline an animal.” — PAOV, this is the response two Winnipeg women received from a police officer when they tried to report a case of animal cruelty. Now, thousands are calling for training to better equip police to deal with animal abuse claims. You can sign the petition below.

Petitioning Winnipeg Police Board, Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Humane Society Winnipeg Police Board: Police Staff Must Take Animal Cruelty Seriously

Petition by Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada
Kamloops, Canada


Sign the petition Winnipeg Police Services Officer was seen on video mocking two women who came to the station to report their neighbour for allegedly punching his dog in the head. The officer responded "I've punched my dog! Sometimes you have to discipline an animal." He added "So, you're going to dictate how everybody disciplines their animals?" and "Oh, so we can't discipline anybody now. Heaven forbid." All of these comments were made in a mocking tone.

People need to know they can rely upon the police to enforce the legislation in the Criminal Code. This officer needs to be disciplined, educated about the fact that animal cruelty is an offence under the Criminal Code that needs to be taken seriously, and investigated for his claims that he's punched his own dog.


To the Winnipeg Police Board:

Whereas an Officer failed to take a complaint of animal cruelty seriously, we, the undersigned, respectfully request that he and the entire Winnipeg Police Service Force be educated about animal cruelty, its impact on both animals and humans, and how to enforce the Criminal Code in this regard. We also respectfully request that the Officer in question be investigated for his actions in response to this animal cruelty complaint and disciplined accordingly.

To the Winnipeg Humane Society and Winnipeg Police Service:
In relation to Officer's claim that he has punched his own dog, we, the undersigned, respectfully request that you investigate him for animal cruelty. r0 · /> · Privacy policy

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