Union-busting in the most unlikely place - and a familiar company behaving badly

Union-busting in the most unlikely place - and a familiar company behaving badly r1 ...

Normally, when I send you an email, I'm asking you to support one campaign. It's considered bad practice to ask for more.

But unfortunately, sometimes companies behave so badly that we are asked to launch two campaigns, targetting two different companies, on the same day.

So this time, I need to ask for a minute more of your time.

First of all, there's Shell, a company you will be familiar with. This week they're holding an annual "green-washing" event in London to try and persuade the public it cares about our future. But Shell doesn't really care, and thanks to their unfair employment policies, near 200,000 contract workers at Shell have no future, as they work in temporary, insecure jobs. Contract workers outnumber permanent workers more than two to one at Shell, and as the company freely admits, do the most dangerous jobs. We've been asked by IndustriALL global union to pressure Shell to limit precarious work and protect precarious workers' rights; to respect commitments to international standards on the environment, communities and human rights; and to apply the same health and safety standards at operations everywhere, including suppliers. Please support this important campaign here:

Click here to tell Shell what you think

Second, we have a somewhat more unusual campaign. Norway is historically known as one of the most union-friendly countries in the world. But not all companies treat their workers fairly and we've had a particularly awful example recently. A company called Norse Production, which works in the fish processing sector, signed a collective bargaining agreement with its workers after a 35 day strike last autumn. And then, the company declared bankruptcy. A new company was set up in the same place with almost exactly the same management - but refused to rehire any of the unionised workers. The collective bargaining agreement is gone, along with the jobs. It's a rare example of union-busting in a Scandinavian setting, and our voices are needed to support this campaign launched by the union in Norway (NNN) and the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF). Please support the campaign here:

Click here to protest union-busting in Norway

Your support makes a big difference, so I hope I can count on you again.

Thanks so much!

Eric Lee

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