Marriott workers worldwide demand action to halt sexual harassment

Marriott workers worldwide demand action to halt sexual harassment r1 ...

Marriott workers around the world demand global measures to combat sexual harassment

On June 27, IUF members at Marriott hotels around the world demonstrated in support of the call for concrete action by the world's largest hotel group to protect workers from the endemic sexual harassment which afflicts hospitality workers.

In a first round of action in the international campaign, unions in, among other countries, Austria, China/Hong Kong, France, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Samoa, South Africa, Sweden and Thailand organized meetings, demonstrations, educational and other activities in support of the demand for the hotel giant to negotiate a global agreement on concrete measures to protect workers.
In Canada and the U.S., thousands of Marriott workers led by UNITE HERE joined together in a collective day of action to demand safer working conditions, protections against sexual harassment, and a voice on the job. UNITE HERE rallied members and workers from non-union hotels around the slogan 'One job should be enough!' for workers to live in the cities where they work, support a family, and retire with dignity.

Unions took action in, among other countries, the Philippines...

South Africa...


and in Canada and the USA.


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