Theres still a chance we can be heard

Join the People’s Town Hall on the pipeline buy out starting next week r1

Dear friend,

In less than 2 weeks, the Trudeau government will decide whether or not to finalize the deal to buy out the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan with billions of public dollars.

It’s appalling that Trudeau's making this massive decision without consulting the public. That’s why starting next week, people across Canada are holding their own People’s Town Halls on the pipeline buy out. Find one near you or sign up to host one in your community.

Even Kinder Morgan’s consulting its shareholders to decide whether or not to finalize this deal. If Trudeau is committing billions in public dollars to buying out this pipeline then that makes people like you and me the new Trans Mountain pipeline shareholders -- and we deserve a say too. Help us make... sure your community gets a proper town hall on the pipeline buy out.

All across the world, this summer is already shattering records. Unprecedented heat waves are stretching from Eastern Canada and the Arctic to Europe and the Middle East. As climate change accelerates, the last thing the world needs is another fossil fuel megaproject like Kinder Morgan’s -- or Justin Trudeau’s --- Trans Mountain pipeline.

Canada needs to lead with rapid investment in renewable energy and a just transition away from climate-wrecking industries like the tar sands. Let’s make sure our message is heard -- join the town halls on the Kinder Morgan buy out.



1. Heat maps reveal record breaking temperatures all over the globe is building a global climate movement. You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and r38

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