Slovenias Parliamentary Elections

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1638 ... July 10, 2018

Slovenia’s Parliamentary Elections:
A Xenophobic Right, a Fragmented Centre and a Rising Left

Nejc Slukan

The outcome of the recent Slovenian elections shows a fragmented political landscape, a worrying increase in support for right-wing populism and luckily, an electoral gain for the left’s Levica party that has strengthened its position and improved its manoeuvering space.

On 3 June, Slovenia went to the voting stations to elect a new parliament. The vote took place about a month before the planned ordinary elections, almost three months after the SMC-led government resigned in a tactical manoeuvre after seeing its support dwindle. The supposedly left-liberal government coalition, composed of the centrist SMC party led by Miro Cerar, the Social Democrats and the single-issue oriented DeSUS (The Democratic party... of Slovenian Pensioners) presided over a period of relative stability and solid economic growth. However, while the general outlook of the country’s economic future was internationally seen as positive, it has not yet translated into higher wages or more regular forms of employment, while several areas of state services are still suffering the effects of the austerity measures imposed during the last SDS-led government in 2012. The Cerar government did not do much to reverse this, preferring to focus on fiscal consolidation. It was also the government that erected a razor-wire at the Slovenian-Croatian border.

The resignation of the Cerar government came in a tough period of unsuccessful negotiation with state unions and several problems related to the potential sale of NLB, one of Slovenia’s more important publicly owned banks and the construction of a new railway track for the port of Koper, two of the most highly politicized topics right now.

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