On May 30th, I spoke before dozens of protesters outside Amazon’s annual general meeting, demanding an end to Amazon’s war on workers, low-income communities, and taxes.

But I’m not a politician or a public speaker. I’m just an ordinary guy who decided I couldn’t sit by and watch Amazon steamroll our communities.

I saw Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos fight with Donald Trump in public, while quietly getting massive tax breaks from Trump’s new tax law. I saw cities competing to be home to Amazon’s HQ2, offering incentives that will end up driving rent up and hurting working class communities of color. I saw a chance to speak out, and I took it.

Join me and become a member leader in the fight for accountability at Amazon.


On May 30th I met up with other SumOfUs members to protest while... Amazon executives and shareholders met at its annual general meeting. Thanks to our signatures, calls, and protests, we got almost 40 percent of Amazon shareholders to vote for a proposal that would end Jeff Bezos’s reign as CEO and chair of the board of directors.

Our #BezosNeedsABoss campaign has growing support from Amazon shareholders themselves. But our work isn’t over yet.

We can’t do this alone, and that’s why SumOfUs is committed to developing the leadership of members like you and me. Like you, I started off by signing online petitions and making calling. But I wanted to do more.

That’s why I came out to Seattle—because it pains me as an Amazon customer that Amazon continues to place ads with racist Breitbart and to make money from streaming NRATV. To be silent, to do nothing, is like accepting Amazon’s behavior. And I won’t stand for that. Will you?

Learn about ways to get join me in getting more involved with our #BezosNeedsABoss campaign.

Thanks for being part of this fight
Akili Taylor, SumOfUs member

More information:

We rallied, we chanted, we spoke truth to power. Footage from our rally, SumOfUs, July 6th, 2018

‘Bezos needs a boss’: Protesters ask for CEO oversight outside Amazon’s shareholders meeting, Geek Wire, May 30, 2018.

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