Will you rise for real climate action?

Trudeau’s ready to finalize the pipeline buyout and we’re ready to rise. r1

Dear PAOV,

It’s official. The Trudeau government has confirmed it plans to finalize the deal to buy Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain project by September.

It goes without saying that at a time when climate catastrophe is a lived reality, pouring billions of tax dollars into a dangerous fossil fuel project is absolutely in conflict with the direction we need to move. Up until now, we were fighting our government’s support for the fossil fuel industry. From this point on, we’re up against a government that has become a fossil fuel company.

We know that people power is prepared to rise to this new challenge. On September 8th, we have the opportunity to join thousands of communities across the world to set the bar... for real climate leadership. Interested in learning more? Register for the webinar on Wednesday August 8th at 4:00 PM (PST)/5:00 PM (MST)/6:00 PM (CST)/7:00 PM (EST). 8:00 PM (AST).

We already know that real climate leadership rises from the people up. We saw it these last few weeks when people from coast to coast to coast countered political silence by organizing their own town halls on the Kinder Morgan pipeline buyout, forcing MPs all across the country to answer to the people. We saw it again in the frontline fights against dangerous fossil fuel expansion, with community members in Manitoba raising the Spirit of the Buffalo Camp in opposition to the Line 3 pipeline and the Tiny Houses Warriors moving their fight directly onto the path of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on unceded Secwepemec territories in interior BC. Here are some highlights from the people’s town halls on the pipeline buy out:
Real action on climate change means accelerating the just transition to 100% renewable energy and moving beyond the tar sands. If you’re ready to rise for real climate leadership, register today for the August 8th webinar.


PS - Eager to host an event in your community? Add your action to the map.

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