Hot off the press - Quaker Concern Summer 2018!

We're pleased to share the Summer 2018 issue of Canadian Friends Service Committee's newsletter - Quaker Concern!

It starts with Jennifer Preston and Rachel Singleton-Polster offering a day by day description of what it's like to represent Quakers for a week at the United Nations.

Margaret McCaffrey and Verena Tan explore a major problem with a simple fix as they describe how people are being released from Canadian courts without their belongings and with no way to get them!

Keira Mann and Matt Legge look at conscientious objection to military service in Canada, and Canadian Friends' support for US war resisters and conscientious objectors in other countries, including Israel.

As usual, we also offer brief news updates and a breakdown of recent travel undertaken in the work and witness of CFSC. You can find the current and previous issues of Quaker Concern at, where you can also download them in PDF.

Quaker Concern is also available in print copy to all donors (contact us to find out more).

A week at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Every year CFSC participates in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII), as the lead for Friends globally. The theme this year was the critical topic of Indigenous Peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories, and resources. People often ask, “What do you do at the UN?” In answer, we offer a few daily highlights from our busy week at UN headquarters in New York City.…Read more

When the system sets you up to fail, the little things can make a big difference

Imagine being put on the street in the winter wearing a t-shirt and shorts or wearing a jumpsuit, with flip flops on your feet. People are watching you. You don’t have your ID and you have no family or friends to pick you up. Your valuables are back at the jail, and it’s now late afternoon. You won’t be able to get your stuff today, because the jail is far away. What are you going to do to survive? If you have mental health issues, how many days can you go without the medications that help your anxiety or your depression? How will you pay for food tonight, and a place to stay? How will you get back to the jail to pick up your things?... Read more

Canadians write in support of US war resisters. Photo: Alex Lisman

Conscientious objection to military service

The Religious Society of Friends has always believed that anyone can discover the deep spiritual certainty that we each have the Light or ‘that of God’ within. Experiencing this, even seasoned soldiers might suddenly find it impossible to kill another person. Of course there are other reasons one might object to military service – such as a profound conviction that a particular war, like the Iraq war launched in 2003, is illegal and immoral. Such convictions can develop after volunteering to serve in the military.... Read more.

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