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... Tell JBS to Ban Gestation Crates and Painful Mutilations

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An undercover investigation into the world’s largest meat supplier — JBS — exposed three months of horrific abuse to mother pigs and piglets. Abuse included workers smashing piglets’ heads into the ground, clipping their teeth without pain relief, and locking mother pigs in crates so small they cannot turn around.

In response to the exposé, JBS “suspended” its relationship with the supplier citing its commitment to animal welfare. Yet, most of the abuse caught on tape is standard practice at JBS.

To hold JBS accountable for systemic animal cruelty, join thousands of supporters taking action today in urging JBS to ban the worst abuses in its global supply chain.

The animal welfare group, Mercy For Animals, believes the suspension is just a publicity stunt by the meat giant to avoid addressing the worst abuses in its international supply chain, like mutilating piglets without anesthetics and keeping their mothers imprisoned in tiny crates.

According to Mercy For Animals’ President, Matt Rice, “If JBS truly cared about animal welfare, it would immediately ban the use of cruel gestation crates across its entire global pork supply chain.”

If you want to stand up for animals in our food system, sign now to ban gestation crates and painful mutilation in JBS’ global supply chain.

Thank you for taking action,

Tegan Gregory
North America Campaigns Team
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