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Tell Doug Ford to drop the useless cap-and-trade lawsuit.

Doug Ford is going to spend $30 million of taxpayers money to stop cap-and-trade in Ontario, protecting the biggest polluters from paying for their emissions.

Tell Doug Ford and his cabinet to drop the useless cap-and-trade lawsuit.

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It’s outrageous: Doug Ford just announced that he will drop $30 million of taxpayers money on a pointless joint legal battle to stop cap-and-trade in Ontario. Cap-and-trade put limits on how much climate disrupting emissions a company can produce and forces them to pay for... any more above that. It’s a super effective tactic at reducing climate disrupting greenhouse gas emissions all over

Cap-and-trade targets the biggest climate polluters like Shell, Esso and PetroCanada and forces them to reduce their emissions -- or pay up. And now Doug Ford wants to spend tens of millions to ensure that these mega-polluters get off scot free -- while costing Ontario potentially billions in revenue.

Ford ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility, yet his first act as Premier will cost taxpayers billions. Not only that but he will be breaking Ontario's environmental laws by scrapping cap-and-trade in Ontario without consultation. Luckily, his government has already shown it's susceptible to public pressure. A huge backlash could put $30 million back in Ontario’s coffers and protect the cap-and-trade program -- and our climate.

Tell Ford and his cabinet: don’t waste Ontario’s money and drop the cap-and-trade lawsuit.

At the recent premiers meeting, Doug Ford announced that he would be joining with Saskatchewan in a lawsuit against the federal government who is mandating every province have a cap-and-trade system in place. None of the other provinces are fighting it because they know it’s a losing battle.

Climate change doesn’t stop with a change of government and neither should measures used to combat it. While Doug Ford claims the former Liberal government wasted taxpayers money, he feels no qualms about tossing tens of millions down the drain to protect the province’s biggest polluters.

SumOfUs has taken on politicians before for refusing to act on the climate. When President Trump announced that he was backing out of the Paris Climate Agreement, over 140,000 members like you called for CEOs from corporations like IBM and PepsiCo to step down from Trump’s business advisory council. And it worked. Because of you, many major corporations distanced themselves from Trump’s ill-advised climate policies.

Tell Doug Ford and his cabinet to protect the climate and drop the cap-and-trade lawsuit.

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More information:

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