PAOV — They won!

PAOV — Lowe’s and Home Depot are taking a deadly chemical off their shelves. They made the decision after people like you took to demanding they take action to save lives. Now, with your signature, you can convince Ace Hardware to do the same.

Take a moment to read the amazing story behind two inspiring victories and then add your name to the latest petition in a movement to keep lethal chemical out of our homes:

“No family should have to lose a loved one because of deadly chemicals. Period.”

Those are the words Cindy and Hal Wynne used to start their petition after the death of their son, Drew. What started off as an unimaginable tragedy launched their mission to ban deadly chemicals sitting on store shelves across the country.

Drew, like countless people before him, was able to walk into Lowe’s home improvement store and... buy a paint stripper containing the dangerous chemical methylene chloride. Lowe’s wasn’t alone — other big chains like Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams also allowed the deadly chemical to be sold to unaware customers. After Drew’s memorial there was a realization that others would suffer the same fate if something wasn’t done. Cindy and Hal felt they had no other choice but to take action. The Wynnes turned to a place that has one mission: empowering people like them to win. They turned to Partnering with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Cindy and Hal started a petition. Our platform was designed to support people like the Wynnes with free access to online petition tools, a community of supporters ready to take action, and professional experts on staff to offer free advice and support services.

Cindy and Hal’s petition grew as their story was shared with more and more people by’s email and communication teams, and people like you. Before they knew it, they had tens of thousands of signatures. They were no longer just two parents fighting for what was right — they were a movement.

The story of their campaign was covered by major media outlets, which helped bring even wider attention to the issue. Lowe’s might have been able to ignore one family, but there was no ignoring this movement. Lowe’s agreed to phase out products containing methylene chloride by the end of the year.

Cindy and Hal’s petition was a victory! Cindy and Hal Wynne had never started a petition before, but they were able to get a huge company to listen and take action. Nobody can say how many lives they were able to save, but it all started with a few clicks and a belief they could make a difference.

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families continued telling the Wynnes' story with another petition targeting Home Depot. And thanks to public pressure from people like you, their Home Depot petition quickly became a victory too. With the two biggest home improvement chains committed to banning methylene chloride, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families is now putting pressure on Ace Hardware – the neighbourhood hardware store trusted by millions. Are you ready to keep the movement going? Add your support to help save lives — Tell Ace Hardware to drop deadly paint strippers Your voice can convince Ace Hardware to drop products with methylene chloride. Each day people like you — brought together by — influence the most powerful companies and people in the world. Your signature can truly change the world.

Let’s continue to change the world together, one signature at a time.

Sylvia Rolle
Campaigns Team

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